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Projectleiter Tim Koschützki

Welcome to the website of the AlgebSQL project!

AlgebSQL is a program which translates entered commands from relational algebra into executable SQL-commands. Also, it executes them on the locally installed Database-system.

The program is being developed by the 12th class main course Computer Science of the Heinrich-Hertz-Oberschule in Berlin Friedrichshain. We are a team consisting of 14 students divided up into 4 departments. If you want to know more about our team, please read The Team. For you to know what exactly our program is going to perform we have installed this Webpage .

Enjoy yourselves

Tim Koschützki Project Manager

Arrow News

First User Interface Screenshot

Tim Koschützki, 01.04.2005 02:25

I am happy to announce that a first teaser screenshot of the graphical user interface could have been put up into the screenshot section. Check it out!

Contact Form There

Tim Koschützki, 29.03.2005 11:14

Alright, as promised the contact form is there. Have fun contacting us.

Website Update

Tim Koschützki, 28.03.2005 18:01

Just a heads up on a new update for the website: It's completely in English now and the confusing message on the "Our Workspace" page has been removed. Pictures of our workspace will appear soon as well as the contact form.

There are still the photographics of two team members missing. I will fix this all tomorrow.

News System Up and Running

Tim Koschützki, 04.03.2005 11:30

Development is going on fine. The model for the Parser is finished, as is the website. Soon, we can start out and attack writing the program itself.